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Lab Name Test Name Alias NABL Standard Sample Size Member Rate* Non-Member Rate*
Fibre Fibre Maturity (Caustic Soda Method) MATURITY (IS 236-1968 (RA 2010) Method 1) 250g. of Cotton 340.00 425.00
Fibre Package (Fibre)-I (HVI All, AFIS All,Trash, Maturity) HVI, AFIS, TRASH, MAT 1100.00 1420.00
Fibre Moisture Test Fibre Moisture (As per ASTM D 629-15) (Clause:9) 200g. of Cotton 340.00 425.00
Fibre Trash Analyser TRASH (As per ASTM D 2812-07) (2012) 250g. of Cotton 290.00 360.00
Fibre HVI Test Colour only COLOUR (As per ASTM D 5867-2012e1) 250g. of Cotton 220.00 280.00
Fibre Fibre Denier DENIER (As per ASTM D 1577-07) (2012) 50g.of man-mad 400.00 500.00
Fibre Package (Fibre)-II (HVI All, AFIS All, Trash) HVI, Afis,Trash 500g of Cotton 810.00 1040.00
Fibre Single Fibre Strength & Elongation (Zwick/Roell) Fibre Str (Zwick) 50g.of man-mad 670.00 840.00
Fibre Single Fibre Elastic Recovery (Zwick / Roell) Zwick / Roell 50g.of Fibers 670.00 840.00
Fibre Package (Fibre)-IV (HVI All, Maturity, Trash) HVI, Mat, Trash 500g. of Cotton 810.00 1040.00

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